Bukowski checklist

These are what they call primary publications. That's a fancy bibliographical term for publications dedicated to one author. Most of the books published before 1969 or 1970 are very difficult to find, as are the limited edition books published more recently. But luckily for you, an amazing 48 of Bukowski's books are still in print. Those should keep you busy for a while. Any title that is a link is still readily available. The other 150 or so items? Afraid you're on your own there.

Charles Bukowski Primary Publications Checklist               Show me a list of books only (fewer items)

Note that much of the work in the poetry collections published from this point on has been changed. Comparisons between the poems published in these books and manuscript or previously published versions show that many of the poems have been altered. When you read the posthumous collections you might want to bear in mind that the poems as they are published may not reflect the artistry, voice or intention of Charles Bukowski.