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 song of the flies
• the hollywood hustle
 whiskey sour
• the pact
 bet too early in the 9th
• I'll send you a postcard
 drooling madness at st. liz:
 over a beer
 46 and 9/10's
 in all fairness
• in this place now
 the famous man
• sometimes even putting a nickle
 haul ass wonder woman
 thoughts on an evening when grey walls breathe and huff
• the knife waltz
 you back in the ninth row, let me tell you something
• look
• broken ass like a cherry seed down the throat
• Kraznick
 the lady poetess with long blond hair and long silver gown, standing tall and explaining to her audience how the muse CAME
 the lady's man
 constitutional rights
 the great film director
• the 2nd. novel
• the 2nd. novel
 my lucky friend
• after the reading
• those flashes
• bright spots of light or serpents
 I watch these thin-hoofed beasts
• Hawley's leaving town
• against the window panes
 One for the Jag
 airplane spin
 to the soul-seekers
• visitor
• a lovely couple
• the edge
 the fathead
• the meaning
• full moon
• piranhas
 one for R.O.
 out on the branch
• the big score
 the famous poet
 garter belt
• my father and the bum
 the genius
• half a goldfish
 chauv poem
• the joke
• the anarchists
• cockroach
 Ezra's pretty tough
• she caught it in the air
• mean and stingy
• the little girls
 the good guy
• little tigers everywhere
• those flashes
• a goodbye
• 3 pairs of panties
• after the reading
• the red pigeon
• I'm getting back to where I was
• the silver mirror (for Georgia K.)
 the hallelujah chorus


• dog
 two men at the track
• note for my wall
• note left on the dresser by a ladyfriend
 a lazy afternoon
 professional counseling
 best bet
 how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?
 a matter of size
 a good show
• a note upon starvation
 I do it while thinking about things
 a note upon waste
• the beach boys
 these same walls
• respite
• the pretty girl who rented rooms
 a most serious fellow
• she's free and she's wild
 the firing of the canons
• downtown
 sam the mailman
• the ladies who rip men apart
 a shooting
 the old quarterback
• passport
• an old jockey
• yes
 trainer's instructions
• some notes on the word and the way
• love
• it's not exactly the sun
 o, the literary life!
• it's strange
 we're all so wanted
• silk
 shopping list
• edith sent us
 I been workin' on the railroad just to pass the time away
 plate glass window
• 11:49 p.m. discussion
 and my mother had a nice umbrella
 the whores, the people at taco stands, the bus drivers, the cops, the killers, the janitors, the highschool teachers, the priests and the garbagemen...
• there's one in every bar
 the finish of Moby Dick
 this is an unhappy poem for your aunt Mary
 Venice, California, November 1977
 hotel Felix
• overt population
 I drove her to the food stamp place and I had a hamburger while I waited and after a while we walked around and then
 a fact
 2nd. street, near Hollister, in Santa Monica
• panasonic
• the deathly bravo
• he uses unwaxed dental floss
• high-roller
• job #36

• victory
• hot dog
 hooked in H
 winter meeting
• Sibelius and etc.
• Hollywood Ranch Market
• the big weight-lifting feat
 have a nice day
 women at my dresser mirror
• combat primer
 coming and going
• rape
• jilted
 time off
• my buddy
 a member of the jury
 so I got out the AE-1
 there was always the danger of men who originally wrote things down well of becoming professional writers--
 5000 dollars
• little magazines and poetry chapbooks
 Good Friday
 my instructor
 a big one
 the E was all right
 the playboy of the Western world leaves the field to those who desire it--
 death of the toteboards, Hollywood Park, April 21, 1978
• the yards
• where's it at?
• the end of a short love affair
 I've looked everywhere for the can opener
• Igloo
• those
• crazy
• heart-ache
• racetrack
• you can't make a lion out of a butterfly
• funny man
 trouble in the ghetto
• action down on the corner
 last try
 the girls are gone
• Academy Award
• 4 Christs
• a great place
• legs
 N.Y. Times
 tank jobs
 sad letters from up North
• action...
• talk
• the pros
 have a nice day
• the golden god
 pretty boy
 the letters of John Steinbeck
• water the plants
• he used to be
 ...a big Thursday night at Hollywood and Western...::
 clown poem
• social
 De Luxe
• dead again
 hop, skip and jump
• chill
• slump
• interview
 just a touch of mox




 letter to a friend with a domestic problem
• love
 the train station
• justice
 a mention of some lucky pay-offs
• Brown
• fooling Marie
 slow night
• cap
• words for you
• good morning, how are you?
• Gothic and etc.
• I am chastised
• the factory crew of Southeast L.A.
 men without women
• the eternal players
 405 South
• sardines in striped dresses
 a statement upon the journey
• no eulogy
• gallery
• I might get traded
• she said
• regrets of a sort
• darlings of the word
• the new revolution
• one out
• the media
 it only gets pleasant when you don't think too much
• the faithful wife
• promenade
 a lady with some French wine
 a poem about a lady with a red face and long blonde hair
• the suicide
• now here see me
 the writer
 hard night
 the death of paris and many things
 the old big time
• a certain pride here
 getting ready for a summer tan as suicides mount in Delaware
• action off the board
• zero
• bright boy
• the main course
 joy ride
• nuke me, I wouldn't know
• divorce
• the death of the snowman
• the day the epileptic spoke
• suitable
• legs
• problems in the checkout line
• I'm a failure
 she goes for the spin-off
• night on a Visa card
 the unhappy woman
• for the foxes, the defamers, the tap dancers, and the dreamers of ballet
• the perfect silence
• secret laughter shining
• the announcer
 to the last one
 the pelicans
• upon first reading the immortal literature of the world
 six weeks
 save the trees
 about the french movie director
• shut out
• don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
 the alcoholic
• a little cafe on 6th street in Pedro
 I been working on the railroad
• D. April 9, 1553



 in and out of the dark
 oh, it's important
 last a.m. poem
• the shack jobs
• the x-bum
 this is the real review
• practice
• having the flu and nothing else to do
• the albums
• the boil
• horse fly
• my buddy
 all you guys
 the great wine-maker
• my turn
• never look
• about the mail
 cohorts of the hoof
• never
• the fuck-master
• escape
• the son
• what can I do?
 London Bridges
• quiet
 the mirage
• snake-eyes
• observation
• strictly bullshit
• too early too late and never
• I thought the stuff tasted worse than usual
 who's who in america
 here it is
• you must remember that each day you get out of bed, it's a new beginning...
• bombed away
• a cheer for modern contrivances
 Hemingway, drunk before noon
• driving test
• the unfolding
• going on
• lousy mail
• I have continued writing...
• SPEED!!!!!!!!
• gay paree
• hard times
 a gentle alcoholic night
 filling an order
• idols in the fight through darkness
• putrefaction
 it's all out the window...
• a difference
• it's never been so nice
 it's all right dont lay any guilt on me
• each man's hell is different
• good try, all
 spinning the ribbon
• loll
• a visitor complains of my disenfranchise...
• i'll take it
 the flower of zero
• a good time
• a hell of a duet
 listening to my buddy at the factory
• a simple kindness
• the barometer
• snapshot
 B L O C K
• thoughts while having a sandwich and coffee at 12:45 p.m. at a local cafe:
• a happening
• final story
 down to it
 more than the blues
 looking out the plate glass window of this train
 hustling against the twilight
 hot night
 the slob
 the way it is
• Gertude up the stairway
• not listed
• shop talk
 so cheer up
 i pour a drink and toast
 the mutilation of the species
• I'm not a misogynist but...
 dark night poem #12
• the dogs
 the luck of the way
• i'm so tired



• love crushed like a dead fly
• on the rebound
• happy birthday
• cancer
• days and nights
• flying through space
• husk
• love poem
• sumatra cum laude
 the fix
• the place
 a question
 everything hurts to the edge of goodness
 the dream
 a lot of nothing
• curious
 to consider where we are in this low-moulded clamp
• kiss those days goodbye
• the last salamander
• Stomping at the Savoy
• displaced
 the gravel of sunlight
• the spill
• don't call me, I'll call you
• skinny-dipping
• I'm flattered
 bad night
• silverfish
• .188
 sewing machine needle
• cracking the odds
 fat boy
• some of this place
 hey, Pablo
• the death of a hero
• why do you write so many poems about death?
• ow ow ow
 25 cents worth
 inside and outside
• mailbag
• neon
 The National Endowment for the Farts
• nothing to it
• the roaches
• strange
• self-invites
• you write many poems about death
• free dinner
 the glory days
• another interview
• 1990 special
• girl on the escalator
• outside the racetrack just before the 9th race
 insanity is the weakness of the will, gone begging
• it
 a startling sight
• before the 7th race, one mile, $32,000 claimer
 there are no great men or women
• straw hat
 the interviewer
 the hit parade is a hit
 the subway
 the redemption, the glory and the act
 when the hunter hunts himself
• Drieser wasn't so hot either
• counsel
 me and Faulkner
 congrats, Chinask
 sitting with the drunks
• checkmate
• journey
 the schoolyard of forever
 what makes?
• a final word on no final words
• poem for nobody
• how do they get their jobs when I had to work in a dog biscuit factory?
• why oh why oh why and why not
• dusty shoes
 more than cheers
• breakfast
• lousy day
 the wine poems
• the telephone message machine
• clothes cost money
 note in and from a bottle
• the curse
• small talk
• forewarned
• the way it is
• anyhow
 Henry Miller
 October 4, 1990
 see here
 shop talk
 sights to see:
 the merciless nights
• oh my
• the bedpan nightmare
 the movies
• gestation
• in finality
• hello, how are you?
• change over
• somebody else
• upon reading an interview with a best selling novelist in the metropolitan daily
 8 count and up
 I am a true mole
 the cork thing
 being too young
 I'm buying
 our gang
 8 count and up
 Chinaski: skewered
 death is a good thing
• meeting them
 while listening to a piano concerto by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
 office supplies
• New York in hell
 the Death-Hole
• war and peace
• living in a great big way
 making it
 pardon me
 the editor asked
• up, down and all around
 when I consider
 party girl
• TB
 seven come eleven
 the human sacrifices
 feeding the chickens and you
 in with the boys
• unclassical symphony
 zero minus zero minus zero minus





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