Charles Bukowski Broadsides

20 Tanks From Kasseldown   Black Sun Press, 1946
His Wife, The Painter   Hearse Press, 1960
The Priest And The Matador   Penny Poetry, 1962
The Paper On The Floor   Hearse Press, 1964
The Old Man On The Corner   Hearse Press, 1964
Waste Basket   Hearse Press, 1964
True Story   Black Sparrow Press, 1966
On Going Out To Get The Mail   Black Sparrow Press, 1966
To Kiss The Worms Goodnight   Black Sparrow Press, 1966
The Girls / For The Mercy Mongers   Black Sparrow Press, 1966
The Flower Lover / I Met A Genius   Black Sparrow Press, 1966
The Nature Of The Threat And What To Do   Tattoo Press, 1969
Chilled Green   Alternative Press, 1970
The Mockingbird   Black Sparrow Press, 1972
Love Poem To Marina   Black Sparrow Press, 1973
86'D   Goldermood Rainbow Press, 1975
Weather Report   Pomegranate Press, 1975
Winter   Ravine Press, 1975
Face Of A Political Candidate On A Street Billboard   Old Marble Press (Black Sparrow), 1975
462-0614   Second Coming Press, 1976
A Note Upon A Workshop Instructor With Tiny Hairs Under His Chin   Pomegranate Press, 1978
40,000 Flies   Black Sparrow Press, 1979
Night Work   Toothpaste Press, 1981
Aftermath Of A Lengthy Rejection Slip   Black Rose Editions, 1983
Playing It Out   Toothpaste Press, 1983
Talking To My Mailbox   Black Sparrow Press, 1984
The Winner   Certainty Remains Broadsides; Pineal Grit No. 1, 1986
The Cage   Limberlost Press, 1988
This Most Delicate Profession   Second Coming, 1990
The Bluebird   Black Sparrow Press, 1991
Husk   Beat Scene, 1991
Pastoral   Limberlost Press, 1991
Fencing With The Shadows   X-Ray Press, 1995
The Luck Of The Draw / Writing / Final Score   X-Ray Press, 1995
Body Slam   X-Ray Press, 1995
The Word   X-Ray Press, 1998
Crime and Punishment   Black Sparrow Press, 1999
I Pour A Drink And Toast Love   Black Sparrow Press, 2001
Democracy   X-Ray Press, 2001
Be Cool, Fool   X-Ray Press, 2002
My Cats   Verdant Press, 2003
As Buddha Smiles (set)   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2003
Afternoons Into Night   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2003
Poop   X-Ray Press, 2003
Waste   X-Ray Press, 2003
Our Bones   X-Ray Press, 2004
I Shot the Cat   X-Ray Press, 2004
Let's Have Some Fun   X-Ray Press, 2005
Coffee And Babies   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2005
Advice For Some Young Man In The Year 2064 A.D.   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2006
A Consistent Sort   X-Ray Press, 2007
The Drowning   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2007
Democracy   HarperCollins/Ecco, 2007
I Saw A Tramp Last Night   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2009
Mannequins   Bottle of Smoke Press, 2009
Poem For Dante   Tangerine Press, 2017
He Went For The Windmills, Yes   X-Ray Press, 2017

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