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Great Poets Die In Steaming Pots Of Shit

Story written in 1968

let me tell you about him. with sick hangover I crawled out from under the sheets the other day to try to get to the store, buy some food, place food inside of me and make the job I hate. all right. I was in this grocery store, and this little shit of a man (he must have been as old as I) but perhaps more comfortable and stupid and idiotic, a chipmunk full of beatlenuts and BOW WOW and no regard for anything except the way he felt or thought or expressed ... he was a hyena-chipmunk, a piece of sloth...


Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 317 - 1972
Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 77 - 1983

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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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