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Notes On The Pest

Story written in 1967

Pest, n. (Fr. peste, from L. pestis, a plague, a pest (whence pestilent, pestiferous): same root as perdo, to destroy (PERDITION).) A plague, pestilence, or deadly epidemic disease; anything very noxious, mischievous, or destructive; a mischievous or destructive person.
the pest, in a sense, is a very superior being to us: he knows where to find us and how -- usually in the bath or in sexual intercourse or asleep. he is also very good at catching you in the crapper about halfway through a bowel-movement...


Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 434 - 1972
Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 194 - 1983

Alternate titles or versions, draft titles

Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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