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Peace, Baby, Is A Hard Sell

Story written circa 1962

Dear John Bryan:
Look, on the war-thing, I can give you nothing in poem form since I just wrote something about how I ducked the shells (WW2) for another magazine and rolled off with banana leaf and used car oil off a duck's back, and now, after this, my pecker hangs limp. If you keep poeming about the same thing and in the same way, you become the same thing and the same way, which is—nothing.
I can bullshit you a little about the subject, though...


Absence of the Hero - pg. 34 - 2010

Magazines and periodicals

Renaissance - Vol. 1 - No. 4 - 1962
Satyrday - Vol. 3 - No. 5 - August - 1968

Alternate titles or versions, draft titles

Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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