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Ten Jack-Offs

Story written in 1968

old Sanchez is a genius but I am the only one who knows it and it's always good to go see him. there are very few people I can stay in a room with more than 5 minutes without feeling gutted. Sanchez passes my tests, and I am very test, hehehehe, oh my god, anyhow, I go to see him now and then in his hand-built two story shack. he installed his own plumbing, has a free-feed line from a high-power voltage line, has connected himself up a telephone which feeds underground from a neighbor's installation, but he explains to me that he cannot call long distance or out of the city without exposing his sycophancy...


Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 76 - 1972
The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories - pg. 76 - 1983

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