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Notes of a Dirty Old Man (Notes of a Dirty Old Driver of a Blue 1967 Volkswagen TRV 491)

Story written in 1975

Many of the irritable things about life and in people come about when I am driving the boulevards and streets of Los Angeles. Allow me to begin right away: one of the most obnoxious things that many drivers do is to turn out part of their left front wheel (and often a portion of their car) just a shade into your lane as you approach them. They are getting ready to make a left turn and they block part of your lane either out of greed or stupidity or anxiety or bluster. I do suppose they want you to stop so they can make their left turn in front of you...


Absence of the Hero - pg. 166 - 2010

Magazines and periodicals

Los Angeles Free Press - No. 590 - November 7-13 - 1975

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