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A White Pussy

Story written in 1968

bar near the train depot, has changed ownership 6 times in a year. it went from a topless joint to a Chinaman to a Mexican to a cripple and back and forth like that, but I knew it best sitting there looking out at the tower clock of the train station through a half-open side door. it's a fair enough bar—there aren't any women there to bother you. just a bunch of cassava-eaters and badminton players and they left me alone...


Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness - pg. 237 - 1972
The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories - pg. 237 - 1983

Magazines and periodicals

Gasolin 23 - No. 5 - September - 1977 (published as "Eine weisshaarige Möse")

Alternate titles or versions, draft titles

Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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