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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Story written in 1973

The POW propaganda plant is still grinding against all sensibilities. We lost the war, got our asses kicked out by starving men and women half our size. We couldn't bomb, con or beg them into submission so we got out, and while getting out somebody had to come up with a smokescreen to make the populace forget we got our asses kicked. Let's build the POW angle, they said, and so it began...


The Bell Tolls for No One - pg. 119 - 2015

Magazines and periodicals

Los Angeles Free Press - No. 457 - April 20-30 - 1973
NOLA Express - No. 130 - April 27-May 10 - 1973

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Scan of magazine appearance (Los Angeles Free Press)
Scan of magazine appearance (NOLA Express)

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