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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Story written in 1971

It's a world, it's a world of potential suicides, well, I speak mostly of the United States, I don't know the rest, but it's a place of potential and actual suicides and hundreds and thousands of lonely women, women just aching for companionship, and then there are the men, going mad, masturbating, dreaming, hundreds and thousands of men going mad for sex or love or anything, and meanwhile, all these people, the lovelost, the sex-lost, the suicide-driven, they're all working these dull soul-sucking jobs that twist their faces like rotten lemons and pinch their spirits, out, out, out... Somewhere in the structure of our society it is impossible for these people to contact each other. Churches, dances, parties only seem to push them further apart, and the dating clubs, the Computer Love Machines only destroy more and more a naturalness that should have been; a naturalness that has somehow been crushed and seems to remain crushed forever in our present method of living (dying). See them put on their bright clothes and get into their new cars and roar off to NOWHERE...


More Notes of a Dirty Old Man - pg. 38 - 2011

Magazines and periodicals

NOLA Express - No. 97 - December 31-January 13 - 1971-1972

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