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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Story written in 1972

I have lost some of the letters or I am too lazy to look for them but the first one was something about him being in a motel, in Sunland maybe, no, that doesn't sound right, maybe it was the Sunland Motel, no, that isn't it either, anyhow, I let the letter lay around three or four days and then I phoned, and the phone number given was one digit short, so I looked up the motel, whatever it was, and I phoned in and asked for a Jack M—, and Jack M—was out, and I left the message, and then I got lost, either at the track or in some other way and one day I was home (home?) and the phone rang and it was Jack M—and he said he had been trying to reach me and would Friday night be all right? I said yes. And he said, about 8, I gotta catch a plane at the International at 10:30, it's a shame I couldn't a gotten you earlier.
So that Friday Neeli and Liza happened to be around and we were drinking beer in the breakfastnook and I warned them that this professor from this eastern university was coming around and that they'd better brace up, you know, for anything...


More Notes of a Dirty Old Man - pg. 50 - 2011

Magazines and periodicals

Los Angeles Free Press - No. 416 - July 7-13 - 1972
NOLA Express - No. 110 - July 7-20 - 1972

Alternate titles or versions, draft titles

Notes of a Dirty Old Man
Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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Scan of magazine appearance (Los Angeles Free Press)
Scan of magazine appearance (NOLA Express)

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