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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Story written in 1973

We were both in handcuffs. The cops led us down the stairway between them and sat us in the back. My hands were bleeding onto the upholstery, but they didn't seem to care about the upholstery.The kid's name was Albert and Albert sat there and said, "Jesus, you guys mean you're going to take me and lock me up where I can't get candy and cigarettes and beer, where I can't listen to my record player?"..


More Notes of a Dirty Old Man - pg. 71 - 2011
On Drinking - pg. 90 - 2019

Magazines and periodicals

Los Angeles Free Press - No. 465 - June 15-25 - 1973
NOLA Express - No. 134 - June 22-July 5 - 1973

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Scan of magazine appearance (Los Angeles Free Press)
Scan of magazine appearance (NOLA Express)

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