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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Story written in 1972

Well, this guy Summerfield was on relief and hitting the wine bottle, he was really rather a dull sort, I tried to avoid him but he was always hanging out the window half-drunk. He'd always see me leaving my place and he always said the same thing, "Hey, Hank, how about taking me to the races?" and I always said, "One of these times, Joe, not today." Well, he kept at it, hanging out the window half-drunk, so one day I said, "All right, for Christ's sake, come on..." and away we went.
It was January at Santa Anita and you know that track, it can get real cold out there when you're losing, the wind blows in from that snow on the mountains and your pockets get empty and you shiver and think of death and hard times and no rent and all the rest...

Magazines and periodicals

Los Angeles Free Press - No. 432 - October 27-November 5 - 1972

Alternate titles or versions, draft titles

Pittsburgh Phil And Co.

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