Charles Bukowski works database

Charles Bukowski and Alpha Beat Press

Published in 1994 by Alpha Beat Press

A Report Upon The Consumption Of Myself - circa 1964
Duck And Forget It - circa 1988
I Dreamt - circa 1989
In A Room - circa 1988
No Gain, No Loss - circa 1988
Non-Walking Papers - circa 1988
Oh, I Was A Ladies Man! - circa 1989
Open Here - circa 1991
Picture This
Short Poem - circa 1991
Style - circa 1972
The Beggars - circa 1989
The Jetliners Vomit The Eyeless Through Space - circa 1991
The Lost And The Lonely - circa 1991
The Ponderous Actuality - circa 1990
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Yammering Once-Geniuses - circa 1991
This Whore Which Fucks Us As The Calla Lillies Weave In Some September Sun - circa 1990
White! - circa 1988

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