Charles Bukowski poem and story database

Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail

Published in 1960 by Hearse Press

10 Lions And The End Of The World - circa 1958
All-Yellow Flowers - circa 1958
Did I Ever Tell You? - circa 1957
Dow Jones: Down - circa 1959
His Wife, The Painter - circa 1959
I Cannot Stand Tears - circa 1958
I Taste The Sweet Ashes Of Your Death
Love Is A Piece Of Paper Torn To Bits - circa 1959
No Charge - circa 1959
On A Night You Don't Sleep - circa 1957
Regard Me - circa 1959
Soiree - circa 1959
Some Notes Of Dr. Klarstein - circa 1958
The Day It Rained At The Los Angeles County Museum - circa 1959
The Paper On The Floor - circa 1959
The Twins - circa 1959

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