Bukowski database notes

  • For the sake of consistency the work titles are capitalized, though Bukowski often did not capitalize (or wrote ALL CAPS titles).
  • Story titles are italicized.
  • Titles that end with extraneous punctuation such as --- or : have had the trailing punctuation removed.
  • "Written in..." dates are based on manuscripts. "Written circa..." dates are based on small press publication or manuscript type (i.e., carbon paper copy, Xerox copy, computer printout), and are generally accurate within a year or two.
  • Where excerpts are included, they are the first four lines of the poem from the earliest published version available.
  • Page numbers for book entries correspond to the original Black Sparrow editions. Other or later printings may differ.
  • "Alternate titles or versions, draft titles" indicates either different titles for the same poem, different versions of the same poem, or early draft titles of the same poem.
  • Some manuscript results are appended with the notation; "Manuscript differs from collected version." Significant changes between the manuscripts and the published versions of the poems were relatively uncommon during Bukowski's lifetime, but such changes became common shortly after his death. We include this notation so the original work can be referenced.
  • Because he was published in so many "little" magazines, it is virtually impossible to compile a complete database of Bukowski's work. While this is the most complete and comprehensive resource available anywhere, it will always be a work in progress. New discoveries/additions are made on the average of once every 11 days.

The database draws from a large pool of sources, contributors and collectors. Significant amounts of information were provided by the good folks below.

  • The members of the bukowski.net forum
  • Aaron Krumhansl - A Descriptive Bibliography of the Primary Publications of Charles Bukowski
  • Sanford Dorbin - A Bibliography of Charles Bukowski
  • Scott Harrison - manuscripts
  • Brian Pratt and David Calonne - original magazine appearances
  • Abel Debritto - unpublished and uncollected material and references
  • Jason Davis and (the other) John Martin - Wormwood Review and various small press appearances
  • University of Southern California Department of Special Collections
  • The Huntington Library
  • Michael Jerome Phillips - database construction and management


The database currently contains information on: