List of edited, revised or alternate titles

Note: this page is no longer updated.

The first title is the oldest known, taken from manuscripts or literary magazine publication (which typically predated collection in a book). For the most part these changes were made by John Martin when the poems were collected in Black Sparrow books.

11:45 P.M. Discussion
2:07 A.M.

12,000 Dollars In 3 Months
22,000 Dollars In 3 Months

3 Blacks, Big
3 Blacks

3 Men At Separate Tables Against The South Wall
3 Old Men At Separate Tables

4 Years Hard Time On Carlton Way
Hard Times On Carlton Way

40 Years Ago In That Hotel Room
40 Years Ago

5.90 Per Pound
It's All Music

66 Volks Mini-Bus
1966 Volkswagen Minivan

8 Count And Up
Gamblers All

A 350 Dollar Horse And A Hundred Dollar Whore
A 340 Dollar Horse and a Hundred Dollar Whore

A Dog
This Dog

A Drive Through Hell
Drive Through Hell

A Cheer For Modern Contrivances
Written Before I Got One

A Close Call While Shopping
A Close Call

A Common Interest
Lack Of A Common Interest

A Conversation Not To Remember
A Conversation To Remember

A Correction To A Lady Of Poetry
A Correction To A Lady Of Posey

A Difference
A Musical Difference

A Disgust, And Only That
Then I Know Why

A Good Cause
Show Business

A Goodbye
Goodbye, My Love

A Great Place
A Great Place, Here

A Hot Sweaty Day In August
A Sweaty Day In August

A Little Cafe On 6th Street In Pedro
A Little Cafe on 6th Street

A Loser
Big Time Loser

A Love Poem For All The Women I Have Known
A Love Poem

A Nature Poem For You
An Animal Poem

A Poem For The Swingers, A Poem For The Playgirls Of The Universe
A Poem For The Swingers
A Poem For Swingers

A Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Afternoon

A Sickness
A Sickness?

A Tree, A Road, A Toenail
A Tree, A Road, A Toad

A Visitor Complains Of My Disenfranchise
A Visitor Complains

A Vote For The Light
A Vote For The Gentle Light

A.D. 701-62
A.D. 701-762

At Vegas You Have to Put Up Two To Get One That I Quit
At Vegas You Have To Put Up Two To Get One

Where The Action Is Real

Action Down On The Corner
Action On The Corner

Action Off The Board
Old Man With A Cane

After Receiving A Contributor's Copy Of Nothing After A 3-Year Wait
After Receiving A Contributor's Copy

The Shadows

Against The Window Panes
Against The Window Pane

The Way It Is Now

All Right, So Camus Had To Give Speeches Before The Academies And Get His Ass Killed In A Car-Wreck
All Right, Camus

All That Like That
All That

All The Little Girls
The Little Girls

All The Sacred Christs That Never Arrive

All The Spies To Numb Your Ass And Your Brain And Your Heart
Out On The Branch
Numb Your Ass And Your Brain And Your Heart

An Acceptance Slip
My Old Man

An Afternoon In Mid-February
An Afternoon In February

An Almost Made Up Poem About A Lady Who Has Vanished From My Mailbox
An Almost Made Up Poem

An Answer To A Critic Of Sorts
To A Critic Of Sorts

An Enemy To The King
Enemy Of The King, 1935

An Evaluation

An Importation
The Spanish Gate

An Odd Day Destroying Beauty
Destroying Beauty

An Old Fan
A Fan

An Ordinary Poem Of Misspent Feelings
An Ordinary Poem

An Unkind Poem, They Will Say
An Unkind Poem

And A Horse With Greenblue Eyes Walks On The Sun
A Horse With Greenblue Eyes

And I Still Don't Vote
And I Still Won't Vote

Another Interview
An Interview At 70


As Much As I Hate To Use This Word
As Much As I Hate To Use The "F" Word

Artistic Selfishness, Yes, I Have It
Artistic Selfishness

ATD Or You And We
AFDC For You And Me

A Very Small Room Will Do
The Rape

Venice Beach

Bedtime Story
A Child's Bedtime Story

Being Too Young
Too Young

Before The 7th Race, One Mile, $32,000 Claimer
Before The 7th Race

Begging in Hell

Big Grey Balloon Things, Heavy
Elephants In The Zoo

Big John Of Echo Park And Nearby Parts
Big John Of Echo Park

Black Sun Black
Black Sun

Blue Moon, Oh Bleweeww Mooooon How I Adore You!

Blinks A Little Spot Of Senseless Yellow In The Middle Of It All
A Little Spot Of Senseless Yellow

Bob Dylan
Trench Warfare


Bright Boy
A Bright Boy

Bright Spots Of Light Or Serpents
Bright Lights And Serpents

Broken Ass Like A Cherry Seed Down The Throat
Like A Cherry Seed In The Throat


His Cap

Carlton Way Off Western
Carlton Way Off Western Ave.

Casablanca And Everything

Cats And People And You And Me And Everything
In Other Words
Cats And You And Me

Change Over
Crazy As A Fox


Here We Go Again

Christ In The Manger
Christ In His Manger

Christmas Eve, Alone (1973)
Christmas Eve, Alone

Club Hell
Club Hell, 1942


Confessions Of A Coward And Man-Hater
Confessions Of A Coward

Contributors' Notes


D. April 9, 1553
He Died April 9, 1553
Died 9 April 1553

Daylight Saving
Daylight Saving Time

Dear Mr. Martin
Dear Editor

Dear Paw And Ma
Dear Pa And Ma

Decades, Centuries Of Error
Centuries Of Lies

Difficult To See Your Own Death Approaching
It's Difficult To See Your Own Death Approaching

Dinner, Rain And Transport
Dinner, Pain And Transport

Dirty Poem
Vulgar Poem

Do You Believe That A Writer Can Be Taught to Write?
Do You Believe That A Man Can Be Taught To Write?

Do You Want To Enter The Arena?
So You Want To Be A Writer

White Dog

Dog Fight
Dog Fight 1990

Double Encounter Of Another Kind
Close Encounters Of Another Kind

Dream Girl, I Understand Your Absence
Dream Girl


Eaten By Butterflies
I Am Eaten By Butterflies

The Significance Was Obscure

Escape 1942

Everything Hurts To The Edge Of Goodness
Everything Hurts

Exactly Fine
Exactly Right

Fame At Last

Fair Stand The Fields Of France And Negation
Fair Stand The Fields Of France

Sweet Music
It Beats Love

Fear, Victory And Madness
Fear And Madness

First Poem Back From Hell
First Poem Back

Flashing White Teeth
Perfect White Teeth

Flight Time
Flight Time To Nowhere

Fooling Marie
Fooling Marie (The Poem)

For A.D.
For Al

For The Foxes, The Defamers, The Tap Dancers, And The Dreamers Of Ballet
For The Foxes

For The 18 Months Of Marina Louise

Forget It
This Moment

Four Young Blacks
Four Young Gang-Bangers


Free Dinner
Dinner For Free

Friendly Advice To A Lot Of Young Men, And A Lot Of Old Men Too
Friendly Advice To A Lot Of Young Men

Fun Times
Fun Times: 1930

Rogue's Gallery

Gertrude Up The Stairway
Gertrude Up The Stairway, 1943

My Close Call

Girls Coming Home In Their Cars
Girls Coming Home

Girls, Get Back On Your Reels

Goading And Whipping The Muse
Goading The Muse

God A Little Sleep And Peace Of Silence
A Little Sleep And Peace Of Stillness

Going Away

Going On
A Time To Remember

Good Show
A Good Show

Goodbye, Goodbye, Clipped-Winged Bluebird
The Singer

Grip The Light
Grip The Dark

No Guru

Half A Goldfish

Having The Flu And Nothing Else To Do
Having The Flu And With Nothing Else To Do

He Showed Me His Buttocks
He Showed Me His Back

He Used To Be
We Needed Him

He Uses Unwaxed Dental Floss
He Also Flosses Every Day

He's A Dog Who Types
He's A Dog


Heavy Like Dogs With Cement Shoes Walking My Skull
Heavy Dogs In Cement Shoes

Alone In This Chair

Too Dark

Hell Is Always Now
Hell Is Now

Hello, Barbara
Upon Phoning An X-Wife Not Seen For 20 Years

Hemingway, Drunk Before Noon
Drunk Before Noon

Her Porsche Is A Pale Pink
Pale Pink Porsche

Another High-Roller

The Dandy

How Do They Get Their Jobs When I Had To Work In A Dog Biscuit Factory?
How Did They Get Their Job?

How To Get Out?
How To Get Away?

How To Get Rid Of Great Purists
How To Get Rid Of The Purists

Searching For What?

Hurry Slowly Hurry
Hurry Slowly

Hymn For The Hurricane Of The Blinking Eye
Hymn From The Hurricane

I Am A True Mole
I Am A Mole

I Am Interviewed By A Guggenheim
Interviewed By A Guggenheim Recipient

I Can Hear The Sound Of Human Lives Being Ripped To Pieces
The Sound Of Human Lives

I Don't Need A Cleopatra
I Don't Want Cleopatra

I Have Continued Writing
I have continued regardless

I Have This Room
I Have This New Room

I Live Too Near The Slaughterhouse
Too Near The Slaughterhouse

I Met This Woman
An Unusual Woman

I Pour A Drink And Toast The Love Of My Luck
I Pour A Drink And Toast Love

I Taste The Sweet Ashes Of Your Death
I Taste The Ashes Of Your Death

I Was Clean Anyhow, I Think
The Man?

I'd Like A Mermaid
I Want A Mermaid

I'm As Crazy As I Ever Was
As Crazy As I Ever Was

I'm Not A Misogynist But
I'm Not A Misogynist

I'm So Tired
I'm Upstairs Now

I'm Still No Good
I'm No Good

I've Always Had Trouble With Money

I've Fought Them From The Moment I Saw Light From The Womb
I Fought Them From The Moment I Saw Light

Idols In The Fight Through Darkness

If I Had Failed The Struggle There Would Have Been None
If I Had Failed To Make The Struggle

If I Suffer At This
The Meek Have Inherited

If You Want Justice, Take The Knife
Mind And Heart

In A Neighborhood Of Murder
I Live In A Neighborhood Of Murder

In And Out Of The Dark
Out Of The Dark

In Finality

In My Day We Used To Call It Pussy-Whipped
Age And Youth

In This Place Now
In This City Now

In This Whirling Pot Of Piss Some Songs Are Born
In This Cage Some Songs Are Born

Information Upon An Empire Of Coins
An Empire Of Coins

Over A Beer

An Interview

It Sucks
Runaway Inflation

It Was Night A Little While Ago
It Was Just A Little While Ago

It's 12:41 A.M. Somewhere, Always
Somewhere It's 12:41 A.M.

It's A Drag Just Breathing Through My Nostrils All Day Long
It's A Drag Just Breathing

It's All A Matter Of Entertainment
Captain Goodwine

It's Difficult To Be A God When Bananas Eat Monkeys
It's Difficult When Bananas Eat Monkeys

It's Easy
My Girlfriend Says It's All So Easy

It's Never Been So Nice
It's Never Been So Good

It's Not Exactly The Sun
Not Exactly The Sun

Jaggernaut: Wild Horse On A Plastic Phallus

Jane and Droll
Jane And Prince

Gone Away

Job #36
A Winter Memory

Journey To The End

Kenyon Review, After The Sandstorm
After The Sandstorm

Kiss Those Days Goodbye
Bygone Days

Lay Over

Lazing In San Pedro
Lazy In San Pedro

Let Them Be Found
Found Poems

Life At The P.O.

Like A Flower In The Rain (For P.B.)
Like A Flower In The Rain

Like Blasted Apart By A Bomb With The First Breath
Blasted Apart With The First Breath


Lonely Hearts
The Lonely Hearts Of The Universe

Look At That Guy
Look Here!

Looking For Jack Micheline
Looking For Jack

Endless Love

Morning Love

Sloppy Love

Young Love

Love Crushed Like A Dead Fly
Love Dead Like A Crushed Fly

Love Poem

Love Song To A Woman Who Visited Santa Anita On A Wednesday
Love Song To The Woman I Saw Wednesday At The Racetrack

Luck Was Not A Lady For Me
Luck Was Not A Lady

Ma Barker Would Have Loved Me
Ma Barker loves me

Mad Enough To Puke On The Whole World
Mad Enough


A Song From The 70'S

Making It
Making Do

Mannheim, Germany, May 1978
Mannheim, Germany

Maybe We'll See A Big Fat Guy Out There Or A Big Fat Woman Out There - Black, Yellow, Green Or Red, Drinking A Can Of Coors Beer
Maybe We'll See

Measurements From the Creation Coffin
The Creation Coffin

Melancholia And The Redhead

Milk A Cow And Get Milk
Milk A Cow And You Get Milk

Model Friend

My Movie

My 3 Friends
My 3 Best Friends

My Afternoons Into Night
Afternoons Into Night

My Doom Has Wire Wheels And Girls In Light Green Tight Green Dresses Smile At Me
My Doom Smiles At Me
My Fate

My First Affair
My First Affair With That Older Woman

The Blanket

My Hell
Like A Rock

Naked At 92 Degrees And Waiting For The End
Naked At 92 Degrees

Near A Plate Glass Window
A Plate Glass Window

Neither Shakespeare Or Mickey Spillane
Neither Shakespeare Nor Mickey Spillane

New York In Hell
Bewitched In New York

Night Into Night
Night Unto Night

No Eulogy
No Eulogies, Please

No Leaders
No Leaders, Please

No Man Is An Island, Especially Around Hollywood Park
No Man Is An Island

No Luck For That
No Help For That

Nobody Is Going To Save
Nobody But You

Nobody Wants To Hear Your Troubles
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

Note Upon Our Very Drab Affair
A Note Upon Modern Poesy

Nothing For A Title
No Title

Nothing's Free, Not Even The Sun
Nothing's Free

The Gods

Now Here See Me
Now See Here

Now If You Were Teaching Creative Writing, He Asked, What Would You Tell Them
Now, If You Were Teaching Creative Writing

Nuke Me, I Wouldn't Know
I Don't Care

Los Angeles

As Buddha Smiles

Observations On Music By An Alcoholic
Observations On Music

Off The Board
Introduction to chapter 2

Oh, To Be Young!
Oh, To Be Young In 1942!


On The Banks Of The University
On The Sunny Banks Of The University

On The Failure Of A Poet, On The Failure Of The Earth
On The Failure Of A Poet

On The Sidewalks And In The Sun
On The Sidewalk And In The Sun

One, With...Fantasy
Christ with Barbecue Sauce

One Hundred Dollars
One Thousand Dollars

One More Good One. Why Not?
One More Good One

One of Those Crazy, Crazy Nights
One Of Those Crazy Nights

One Out
One Out In The Minor Leagues

Only The Truly Lost
Blue Beads And Bones

Out Of The Money (Celine Is 3 Dots...)
Out Of The Money

Outside The Racetrack Just Before The 9th Race
Racetrack Parking Lot At The End Of The Day

Pain Like An Old Black And White Snapshot
Pain Like A Black-And-White Snapshot

As Buddha Smiles

Pick Up

For Crying Out Loud

Places To Die And Places To Hide And Place To Spin A Top
Places To Die And Places To Hide

Poem For Dante
One With Dante

Poem To A Man In Jail
Christmas Poem To A Man In Jail

Poetry, You Whore

Poor Trochi
Poor Mimi


Prayer For A Whore In Bad Weather
Prayer In Bad Weather

Proclamation And Instruction
She Was Really Mad

Produced And Bottled By Franciscan Vineyards
Produced And Bottled By



Quick Dream
Trouble In The Night

Something New

Rare Indeed

Raw With Love (For N.W.)
Raw With Love

Re-Union (Or, For Almost All The Girls And Most Of The Times)

Reading The Little Magazines
Reading Little Poems In Little Magazines



Rexall Cut Rate 4:30 pm
Cut-Rate Drugstore: 4:30 p.m.

Right Rear
Born Again

Rimbaud Be Damned: I Have Withstood 99,000 Seasons In Hell And I Still Look Down Into This Glass Wondering, Wondering
Rimbaud Be Damned

Ringed Bathtub, Peacock Or Bell
Peacock Or Bell

Robert Ryan: American Matador
American Matador


Safely Stopped

Sailing Up Your Yellow River
Up Your Yellow River

Screwed Within The Universe
Where Was I?

Secret Laughter Shining
Secret Laughter

See Here
Strangers At The Racetrack

Self-Inflicted Wounds


She Came Out Of The Bathroom With Her Flaming Red Hair And Said
She Came Out Of The Bathroom

She Caught It In The Air
She Caught It On The Fly

She's Free And She's Wild
Now She's Free


Jane's Shoes

Short Story Form
Short Story


Sitting In A Sandwich Joint Just Off The Freeway
Sitting In A Sandwich Joint

Sizzler Backup
At The Sizzler

Her Guy

Batting Slump

Small Conversation In The Afternoon
Small Conversation In The Afternoon With John Fante

Snapshot (1985)

Social Butterfly

Solving A Crime Before It Begins Is Important Too
Solving A Crime Before It Begins

Some Notes On The Word And The Way
Some Personal Thoughts

Some Of This Place
This Place

Some People Never Go Crazy
Some People

Sometimes When You Get The Blues There Might Be A Damned Good Reason
Sometimes When You Get The Blues There's A Reason

Sometimes You Go A Bit Crazy And You Don't Know Why
Sometimes You Go A Bit Crazy

Song For This Softly-Sweeping Sorrow
Our Bones

Spelling It Out
Spelling It Out On My Computer

Startled Into Steam Of Life Like Fire
Startled Into Life Like Fire

It's Strange

Straw Hat
Straw Hats

Stud Service
No Quickies, Remember

Introduction to chapter 4


Swivel Chair

Surreal Tangerines


My Telephone

The Albums

The Announcer

The Answer
The Reply

The Apparitions

The Beach Boys
Beach Boys

The Beast
An Interlude

The Beats
The "Beats"

The Bells Of The Condom

The Best Men Type Strongest Alone
The Best Men Are Strongest Alone

The Big Lonely, Lonely Night
The Big Lonely Night

The Big Morning Outside The Bar
The Strange Morning Outside The Bar
The Strange Morning

The Big Score
On The Continent

The Big Weight-Lifting Feat
My Big Moment

The Bums At Phillipe's
Phillipe's 1950

The Calm Elation Of Something All Right, Somewhere, Maybe Here
Calm Elation, 1993

The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars
The Closing Of The Bottomless Bar

The Condition
The Continual Condition

The Couple
The Old Couple Next Door

The Crazies
Two Crazies

The Crunch
The Crunch (2)

The Darkening Light
The Darkening Life

The Day I Kicked A Bankroll Out The Window
The Day I Kicked Away A Bankroll

The Death Of An Idiot
Death Of An Idiot

The Deathly Bravo

The Difficulty
The Difficulty Of Breathing

The Dogs
The Dogs Of Egypt

The Dream, The Dream, The Dream
The Dream, The Dream

The Drunk With The Little Legs

The Dwarf With The Big Punch
The Dwarf With A Punch

The Edge
Guess Who?

The Elephants
The Elephants Of Vietnam

The Empties

The End
La Femme Finie

The End Of A Short Love Affair
The Beginning Of A Brief Love Affair

The End Of The Funhouse

The Eternal Players
The Eternal Horseplayers

The Factory Crew Of South East L.A.

The Fall Of The Roman Empire
The Fall

The Fight Game
Game Day

The First Love
First Love

The Fix
Coming Awake

The Fulfillment

The Funeral
One Writer's Funeral

The Game
The Hero And The Shortstop

The Giraffes
At The Zoo

The Girls In Pantyhose At Bus Stop Benches
Girls In Pantyhose

The Golden God
Golden Boy

The Great Lover
The Lover

The Harder You Try, The Harder You Die
The Harder You Try

The Heart's Riot

The Highschool Girls
High School Girls

The Hollywood Hustle
Hollywood Hustle

The Imagination And The Reality
Imagination And Reality

The Joke
The Cosmic Joke

The Ladies Who Rip Men Apart
The Dangerous Ladies

The Lady In The Castle And The Lady Not In The Castle
The Lady In The Castle

The Lady Poet Of Unrelenting Doom
The Doomed Lady Poet

The Lady Who Looks Young Forever
The Lady Who Looks Forever Young

The Liberated Woman And The Liberated Air
Liberated Woman And Liberated Man

The Mad Poet

The Man On The Bus Stop Bench
The Young Man On The Bus Stop Bench

The Magic Fix
My Song

The Meaning
The Meaning Of It All

The Media

The Miracle Man
Miracle Man

The Mischief Of Expiration
Beauty Gone

The Movies

The New Neighborhood
Feeling Good In The New Neighborhood

The New Revolution
The Counter Revolution

The Night I Nodded To George Raft In Vegas
The Night I Saw George Raft In Vegas

The Old Guy At The Piano
The Old Guy In The Piano Bar

The Old Helping The Old
Helping The Old

The Old Soul-Suck Life
The Soulless Life

The Other Day I Saw A Man Reading The Wall Street Journal As If It Did Contain Something

The Parts Dept.
Parts Dept.

The Payoff
The Players

The Place
The Real Thing

The Player
Fooling Marie

The Popularity Kid Of The Universe
The Popularity Kid

The Powers
The Powers That Be

The Princess Tina
Mother And Princess Tina

The Pros
The Professionals

The Red Pigeon
The Blue Pigeon

The Riots

The Savior
The Savior: 1970

The Schoolyard Of Forever
Schoolyards Of Forever

The Shack Jobs
Shack Jobs

The Silver Mirror (For Georgia K.)
The Silver Mirror

The Simplicity Of Everything
The Simplicity Of Everything In Viet Nam

The 6 Foot Goddess (For S.D.)
The 6 Foot Goddess

The Smirking Of The Dark
The Smirking Dark

The Son
Her Only Son

The Son Of Satan
Son Of Satan

The Swan
Spring Swan

The Swarm Of Impossibility Can Be Knocked On Its Ass
One Learns

The Temporal Ease
Temporal Ease

The Time I Knocked Out Ernest Hemingway And Was Discovered As A New Literary Giant

The Trashmen
The Trash Men

The Two Toughest Apes In The South Bay Area
The Two Toughest

The Way It Is
To Hell And Back

The Way It Works?
This Kind Of Fire

The Way To Review A Play And Keep Everybody Happy But Me

The Weirdest Day of All
The Weirdest Day

The Wine That Roared Like A Lion
The Wine That Roared

The Veryest
The Most

The Voice Of The Bukowski
The Voice Of Chinaski

The Yards
The Railroad Yard

There Was Once A Woman Who Put Her Head Into An Oven That I Could Have Kissed With The Most Ultimate Love Possible
There Once Was Woman Who Put Her Head Into An Oven

There's A Poet On Every Barstool And Not Only That, They're All Geniuses
There's A Poet On Every Bar Stool

These Good People
Those Good People

They Arrived
They Arrived In Time

They Rolled The Whole Bed
They Rolled The Bed Out Of There

This Is When They Come In For What's Left Of Your Soul
This Is Where They Come For What's Left Of Your Soul

This One Poet
This Poet

Without Stress Or Agony

Those Flashes
Legs And White Thighs

Thoughts While Having A Sandwich And Coffee At 12:45 p.m. At A Local Cafe
Thoughts While Eating A Sandwich
Dark Night Poem

Thrill Time
An Ancient Love

To The Ladies Who No Longer Think Of Me
To The Ladies No Longer Here

To Weep In Her Hair
To Weep
To Kiss Her Long Dark Hair

A Fine Madness

Probably So

Too Early, Too Late, And Never
Too Early!

Magical Mystery Tour


Transformation And Disfiguration At The P.O.
Transformation And Disfiguration

Two Views

He Played First Base

Introduction to chapter 2

Unemployed And Shacking

The Cat

Upon Phoning An X-Wife Who I Haven't Seen For Twenty Years
Hello, Barbara
Upon Phoning An X-Wife Not Seen For 20 Years

Upon This Time Of Lull And Dull
Upon This Time

Uraguay Or Hell
Uruguay Or Hell

Van Gogh

V.G. And 9 Innings Of This
Van Gogh And Nine Innings

A Vision

Extraterrestrial Visitor

War, And That Particular Bayonet
This Particular War

War Surplus
Military Surplus

Water The Plants
Time To Water The Plants And Feed The Cat

We Ain't Got No Money, Honey
We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain

Well, Yes, This Is A Bitter Poem
This Is A Bitter Poem

When The Violets Roar At The Sun They'll Set Us Free
When The Violets Roar At The Sun

Where's It At?
What's It All Mean?

Why Oh Why Oh Why And Why Not?
Why Oh Why And Oh Why Not?

Wide And Revolving
Wide And Moving

William Burrows
My Friend William Burroughs

My Garden

Won't You Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Will You Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me?

Work-Fuck Problems
Work-Fuck Problem

Working Through
Working Through It All

Writing Is Very Much A State Of Trance
Writing Is A State Of Trance

Ya Know, Beethoven Conducted His Last Symphony While Almost Totally Deaf
Beethoven Conducted His Last Symphony While Totally Deaf

Yes, I Am

You Can Never Tell Who You're Going To Meet At Any Moment
You Can Never Tell Who You're Going To Meet

You Must Remember That Each Day You Get Out Of Bed, It's A New Beginning
Remember This

You'll Be Moaning And Groaning In Your Poems
Moaning And Groaning Rosary For A Once Tenderness
A Dead Romance

You're Not Going To Believe This
The Tide
No Man Is An Island
Salty Dogs

Your Own Toilet
The Landlady

Ground Zero

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