Bukowski poems, stories, articles and interviews


Chicago Literary Times - 1963
     First published interview
Stonecloud #1 - 1972
Interview magazine - 1987
Beat Scene/transit magazine - 1994


Upon The Mathematics Of The Breath And The Way - 1973
     Small Press Review
Jaggernaut - 1975
     CREEM magazine


Poems are presented here in their original versions, which may differ significantly from the heavily edited versions found in the posthumous collections. If you want to see some comparisons of Bukowski manuscripts and early magazine publication with the edited Black Sparrow versions, check out the comparisons page and the comparisons forum.

relentless as the tarantula
the new place
the crunch
on going out to get the mail
Shot of Red-Eye
Cows in Art Class
three oranges
A Close Call While Shopping
the riots
the house
a smile to remember
back to the machine gun
Carson McCullers
congrats, Chinaski
the schoolyard of forever
me and Faulkner
having the flu and nothing else to do
two kinds of hell
here i am...
the great lover
what makes?
rhyming poem:
the lucky ones
what can we do?


Confession of a Coward

First published story

Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip

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Rolling Stone magazine - 1976
Los Angeles Times - 1996 (Bukowski manuscripts rescued from a garbage can)
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Poems and stories ©Linda Lee Bukowski - used with permission.